In In a Nutshell

As all social media addicts and digital marketing teams will know, Facebook and Instagram were down for the most part of Wednesday afternoon and evening, with the epic outage believed to be the biggest interruption ever suffered by the big blue F. Users who took to Twitter were calling it #InstagramBlackout2019, with many calling for MySpace to make a comeback. And it’s a sad state of affairs when Facebook and Instagram also had to turn to their blue bird rival to share their news.

With the utter disbelief and irritation that flowed out on Twitter, #InstagramDown is a strong reflection of the digital age as, in reality, it was only offline for less than a full day. However, this over reliance on social media only reinforces what an important communication tool it is if utilised correctly.

It’s clear that the winner in all of this was definitely Twitter, and many will argue that Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest loser. Our opinion? The biggest losers have got to be the advertisers who spend large amounts of money to reach Facebook’s 2.3 billion users and Instagram’s 1 billion – we wonder if they were refreshing their pages as much as us at Nutcracker.

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