In In a Nutshell

In a similar move to Wetherspoons, the delicious bath bomb chain, Lush, have decided to remove themselves from social media to put social back in the hands of their communities. Now, with 202k followers on Twitter, 569k on Instagram and 423k on Facebook, are they making a huge mistake? While we understand that they don’t want to be governed by algorithms and paid-for newsfeed appearances, at Nutcracker, we just can’t comprehend how they can digitally turn their back on so many followers, only leaving #LushCommunity in their bubbly tracks.

By leaving social media behind, the sweet-smelling business are hoping to push towards a happier community where conversations don’t have to happen on different platforms. Although the biggest Lush fans won’t be affected by this turn of events, many of their followers will now feel abandoned and fed up of trawling through endless posts using #LushCommunity with no real authoritative voice. And how are sales on their ecommerce platform going to be impacted by this? Perhaps it’s posturing, maybe it’s a publicity stunt – whatever it is, we just hope Lush have got their customer service team ready…

Lush: are you having a bubble bath?

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